There is a raccoon that lives on the top of a telephone pole.  Silly to live on a pole, you might think.  But this raccoon knows what she’s doing.  She needs a safe place to sleep during the day, a place that is far from the busy houses and yards below.  The pole is high, a mile high in raccoon distance (there are 10 human feet for every 1 of a raccoon).

The pole is the perfect the spot to watch the chicken coop in the neighbor’s yard.  The clever raccoon can see just how many eggs are laid and which are the easiest to get.

At night the raccoon can sit on the pole and read by the light of the moon.  It is a very smart raccoon, if you haven’t already figured that out, and it loves to read the books that children leave behind almost as much as it loves to eat eggs.  The children call her Raccmoon.

Now the only trouble for this smart raccoon is that her brother and sister want to share the pole.  How many raccoons can fit on the top of one pole?  Right now, it looks like two.  Sorry, brother.  You’ll have to sleep somewhere else.


Peanut, 6.
Sass, 4 1/2.
Mo, 2 (Mo is credited with the title, and the initial raccoon sighting.)

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