The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and Other Bedtime Procrastinations

A 6 year old at bedtime.

8:14 pm
Wait. I have one more question.  I don’t understand what happened to the Ancient Egyptians.  They had everything so together.  They had gold and pyramids.  They had food and lots of beaches to play on.

Mom interjection (“MI”): Well, sand.  They had lots of sand.

They were beautiful and now they are gone.

MI: Goodnight, sweet pea.

It doesn’t make sense.  They were just like us.  You know, they had babies and later they died.  Babies and died.  Babies and died.  You know, like us.  But they’re gone now.  [Mom thought: I don’t think I’ve ever heard the life cycle put so succinctly before.] Hmmm.  It’s a mystery.

MI: That’s not quite true.  They are still here.  There are still Egyptians, just not ancient ones like the ones we read about in your books. They live in Egypt and lots of other countries today.

Yes, but they are not the Ancient Egyptians.  And that’s sad.  The Ancient Egyptians gave us so much.  Like paper and games like Candyland.  And heiroglyphics, like those pictures on your phone.

MI: Emojis?

Yes, I just think it’s sad.  They probably would have discovered all kinds of new things we need now if they were still here.

MI: Like what?

Well, they would probably find new medicines or a way for kids to stay up later and not be too tired for school the next day.  

MI: Yup, that would be something.

I’m not tired.  [MI: I know.]

Peanut, 6.

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